Interior Masonry Wall Restoration - Full Exterior Restoration - Investment Tax Credit Application

*Award Winning Project*

The two buildings that make up the Heritage House are each unique and rich in historical character. The right building was built in 1871 and was one of the original general stores in the newly founded town of Bristol. Some 20 years later, the bricks from the road were removed and used to build the left building. Sometime during the modernization craze of the 1950’s, the two buildings were stripped of all defining architectural elements, protruding brick was destroyed and the entire facade was covered with an aluminum cladding system.

The owner sought investment tax credits for financial assistance with restoration. Glass & Concrete Contracting worked with Brian Alderson of Ken Ross Architects, and interior contractor Mark Freeman Associates to collectively restore the historic character back to the Heritage House buildings, creating 4 luxury loft apartments and a beautiful improvement to State St.

Exterior restoration work included, replacing damaged road paver units with salvaged pavers from the Northwest railroad station in Roanoke, VA; custom fabrication and installation of all missing architectural pieces including 3 cornices, brackets, decorative window headers, dentils, and emblems; masonry restoration and cleaning; tuckpointing; replacement of damaged surface bonding cement; and installation of metal coping and awnings.

On May 9th, 2006, the Heritage House Lofts Restoration Project was awarded the first annual, Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee & Southwest Virginia Preservation Award for Exterior Restoration. This award is given to a project that required extensive exterior work and which paid particular attention to the preservation of historic structural and architectural elements such as windows, ornamentation, brick, siding, stone, and the removal of false facades and later additions. Congratulations to building owners Karen Hester and Monica Guertler who had the passion to make it all happen and to Glass & Concrete Contracting for completing the exterior restoration.