What is a building envelope assessment? 


Our comprehensive Building Envelope Assessment ("BEA") offers a thorough, up-close inspection of your building's exterior to identify any potential and problematic areas.  

Whether a building owner, architect, property management company, or government agency, it is extremely beneficial to ensure any issues or concern areas are recognized and followed by correct repair specifications.

Our Building Envelope Assessment is a detailed outline of not only what problems exist, but an explanation of the probable cause and our intended solution to remedy each.  The BEA also quantifies each of these issues allowing us to provide precise planning, pricing, and execution.  We also adhere to industry standards as specified by Master Specifications for all projects and National Park Services Guidelines when dealing with historic structures.  This ensures expectations from all parties are met and comparable bids are obtained.

Our typical Building Envelope Assessment is outlined as follows:

  1. Executive Summary:  A synopsis of the observations and recommendations from the BEA
  2. Conditions Assessment: This is an in-depth review of all deficiencies that are discovered.  Includes: catalogued, close-up photos and details of current state, probable cause of issues, and the overall extent – both degree of damage and overall area impacted. 
  3. Sequenced Scope of Work:  A detailed description of every task required to complete the repairs.  Also defined in this section will be a prioritization based on the degree of damage and overall project efficiency and timing.
  4. Line Item Price Quote:  An extension of the scope that adds dollar values for GCC to complete each step.
  5. Masterspec Repair Specifications:  Repair specifications that are compliant with industry-wide standards and the National Parks Services guidelines.  These will be tailored specifically for each project.


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