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Historic and High-Rise Building Envelope Restoration and Waterproofing
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Exterior Building Evaluation Services

What building envelope consulting services are you interested in?

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Glass & Concrete Consulting provides high-rise commercial, residential, institutional, and religious building inspections and evaluations.  We cover every aspect of researching building history, design, testing, estimating, and repair specifications to ensure that all expectations of capital improvement budgets are met. GCC also assists building owners and engineers in planning exterior restoration and maintenance projects, as well as assess exterior building damage to provide information to assist Insurance Claims Adjusters.

With decades of experience and backed by various successful project and clients,  GCC offers state-of-the-art results for any consulting needs.

  • Assessment of Exterior Needs

    • An all-encompassing evaluation that locates any existing problem areas, recommended scope of work, provides repair specifications, and a recommended scope of work.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection and Report

    • Whether examining a building for damage or comparing building information, a quality assurance inspection and report can give any building owner/manager a peace of mind that their building project is completed properly.
  • Thermal Imaging and Leak Testing Report

    • Almost every building will encounter a leak at one point or another.  Thermal imaging can detect the difference between water and building temperature. 
  • Building Envelope Assessment (Building Condition Assessment)

    • A comprehensive evaluation to determine the current state of conditions, improvement, and problematic areas, and recommended repair specifications.
  • Project Manual and Repair Specification

    • For each scope of work, photo documentation with detailed repair specifications, as well as, recommended repair methods will be tailored to each building project.
  • Invitation to Bid Package

    • The package includes detailed plans for the project including scopes of work and repair specifications, quantity and types of materials to be used, research, designs, and renderings, and work timelines. 
  • Data Collection for Insurance Claims

    • Our expert consultants and contractors work together to evaluate existing conditions and repair specifications for each scope of work to assist adjusters in evaluating and accurately assessing damages.
  • Engineering Report (Structural Evaluation)

    • Engineers sometimes need assistance in gathering data on the structural envelope of a building.  We can assist in creating a structural evaluation report with out vertical access equipment. 
  • Historic Restoration Project Manual and Repair Specifications

    • Historic Restoration projects differ from other building projects not only because they need to comply with building codes and regulations, but also The Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historic Buildings.
  • Research, Design, and Renderings