Weather is an unavoidable element of nature that is harsh on buildings.  At one time or another, building owners will encounter water intrusion.  GCC offers waterproofing coatings, caulking, and joint sealing as preventative and restorative solutions.

GCC utilizes leak testing instruments, such as thermal imaging to pinpoint any problem areas and offer optimal solutions. 

Regardless of new construction or building restoration, caulking and joint sealing is essential to protecting masonry from water and chloride intrusion, airborne contaminants, and general wear and tear.  Building material deterioration and water penetration are an inevitable result of weather and time that can impact the structural integrity of a building.

Leak testing is imperative to any current and future leaks because curtain wall systems tend to carry a higher risk of water intrusion.  Expansion and control joints are designed to prevent cracking as various building materials expand and contract.  With the constant movement of a structure and the effects of weather, failure of joint sealants can allow excess moisture into the wall and cause deterioration.  The type of sealant needed, whether silicone or urethane, can be determined after an in-depth analysis of a building's joint sealant system.

Protecting and preserving surfaces that encounter high-volume traffic, like parking decks, are essential to structural integrity.  In addition to weathering wear, parking decks experience heavy vehicle and foot traffic.  Regular application of traffic coatings can minimize the damage and wear to structural concrete.  A detailed building assessment will contain an evaluation of expansion joint conditions, spalling in surfaces, as well as, examine structural elements, like reinforcement steel.  When the assessment is complete, we can provide comprehensive repair and maintenance methods on each scope of work.