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Building Envelope Conditions Assessment With Repair Specifications

What is a building envelope assessment? 

A building envelope assessment assesses the overall condition of the building.

If it’s heat escaping, water penetrating, physical building damage, or even security issues, the building envelope is, in many cases, your building’s defense against exterior environmental encroachment. With a good envelope, the building can better protect its contents, including the people within. A good envelope must be strong and resilient to external forces and stresses. Many components, from foundation to roofing and siding to windows, can affect the resilience of a building’s envelope. Not only the quality of install and manufacturing, but also the quality of materials used.

What is in our comprehensive building envelope assessment?

Our comprehensive building envelope assessment offers a thorough examination of your building's condition and structures a plan to meet your objectives.  

Whether a building owner, architect, property management company, or government agency, it is extremely beneficial to ensure any issues or concern areas are recognized and followed by correct repair specifications.

Our condition assessment covers:

  • An examination and research of your buildings components
  • General conditions summary 
  • Photographs and documentation of any issues/concern areas
  • Detailed repair and material specifications
  • On-site test results
  • An in-depth outline of diagrams, descriptions, an procedures for each scope of work
  • Procurement and contracting documents
  • Submittals
  • Bids

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