Don't Wait Till It's Too Late- The Importance of Exterior Building Maintenance and Repairs

The New Jersey Coorperator writes, "Part of any building’s maintenance plan should include protecting it against its enemies, repairing  any damage and maintaining the building exterior on a regular basis. Neglecting  the outside of the building can lead to worsening conditions and ultimately  cause a hefty dent in your building’s bottom line. By maintaining the building, you are actually slowing down its  deterioration.  

 Of course, the perfect scenario would be to manage a building whose façade is in tip top condition—but according to Mark Williams, president of Williams Building Diagnostics in  Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, some buildings are born with facade problems, so to  speak. A building’s façade should be well-designed and properly constructed from the start to avoid  costly and potentially dangerous situations—if they're not, no amount of maintenance or repair is likely to fend off big  problems for long.  "

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