Exterior Building Assessments-- Why They Are Important

The South Florida Cooperator writes, "It is recommended that reserve studies are updated every three to five years. Routine inspections could be done even more frequently. “For condos, survey inspections of exteriors should be performed on a routine basis, every year or so,” says Chalaire. “This keeps the association knowledgeable about the locations and extents of any repairs needed. The results of an engineering survey for framing damage (cracks, spalls) can help the association plan for repairs on a consistent basis. Damages typically get worse exponentially with time, so older structures should be looked at more often,” she says."

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Windows Are the Eyes of a Building- Don't Neglect Those Peepers!

"Like a chain, a building envelope is only as strong as its weakest link. Boards and managers often spend a lot of time and effort maintaining exterior elements like drainage, flashing, and so forth, only to neglect one of the most important features of their association’s envelope: the windows.

Windows provide light, views, ventilation, protection from the elements, and in some cases a means of egress. In order to function properly, a window must be resistant to water and air infiltration, must be strong enough to resist pulling away from the building or deforming under wind pressure, must resist impact in hurricane zones, and must limit the conduction of heat from one side to another. In specific instances, windows may also be required to meet elevated structural and fire resistance standards."

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