Revitalizing the Neighborhood in Downtown Knoxville

Mike Steely from The Knoxville Focus writes, 

"In recent years much effort has been placed on revitalizing the downtown. Nowadays, the effort is spearheaded by Mayor Madeline Rogero with the intent of bringing new business and residents into the heart of the city. She’s been working with the various city agencies, private investors and developers to restore some of the historic buildings. The loss of the McClung warehouse by fire set the efforts back a bit but the city has worked its way through that loss.

Much of the downtown revitalization has happened through the efforts of several developers, including Kristopher Kendrick and David Dewhirst. In fact, Dewhirst was honored last Tuesday for extended construction and contracting opportunities by the city’s Community Development Department at the Equity Awards Breakfast. Eight other entities were also honored, including Knoxville Drywall, which renovated the former Chariots of Hire building and created 25 new jobs."

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